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Innovative solutions with a positive humanitarian and environmental impact.

Simply a better way to:

  • Achieve higher nutrient value food material without chemicals.
  • Process and deliver plant material for use in bio-plastic and industrial uses.
  • Create food Upcycling products from waste and over farming production.
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What we do

"GTF Solutions has revolutionized food processing using our state of the art milling process."

GTF provides state of the art milling technology that will change the way fruits, vegetables, industrial hemp, and brewers spent grain are milled and processed. Our methods and machinery produce higher yields and improved margins at lower costs.


Advanced Food Drying and Pulverizing

Food Upcycling Solutions for Brewers Spent Grain, Farming Overproduction and Food Waste Recovery

Bio-Material Refining

Alternative Composting Solutions For Food Waste

About GTF Solutions

Since the inception in 2015, the vision of GTF has remained the same:

Providing “Triple Bottom Line” results for our customers

GTF’s early work was working with clothing retailers and manufactures to redirect an estimated $250 billion in product merchandise from landfills.  GTF emerged as a “managed donation”service provider that re-directing excess product merchandise from landfills to501c3 organizations.   Corporations would now be able to realize additional tax savings in accordance with IRS 170e3 and eliminate landfill cost.   The donated products were directed to non-profit organizations servicing the impoverished. 

Environmental Evolution

The historical choice of disposal for food waste is landfill.  Food waste that is landfilled is a leading contributor of GHG(green-house gases). Grocery retailer, food processors, restaurants, and breweries  are now faced with finding alternative solutions of food waste disposal.  

“Stopping the Clock”

Food waste and over farming production can be an asset…. nota liability! Food waste can be re-purposed into new “upcycled” food and sustainable packaging products.  

The challenge is “how to stabilize perishable food such as fruits and vegetables in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable method?”

If we could dry valuable plant material without adding heat, the nutrient content of the plant material would remain and the new “powder”for plant “flour” could be used for secondary purposes.


Advanced Food Drying and Pulverizing

The GTF process can dry food material to less than 5% moisture without adding heat. Conventional drying process use heat to extract the water moisture which can lower the nutrient value of the food material. The GTF system offers a compact, lower energy solution with the ability to quickly change the types of plant materials processed.

Food Upcycling Solutions for Brewers Spent Grain, FarmingOverproduction and Food Waste Recovery

GTF delivers solutions for converting Food Waste and Brewers Spent Grain into secondary revenue opportunities. Effectively eliminating the water moisture allows for new fruit, vegetable, and brewers spent grain material to be used in food upcycling and sustainable packaging applications.

Bio-Material Refining

Our drying and milling process pulverize plant material to sub 100 Micron and less than 3% moisture allowing new plant material such as hemp, reed grass, and other plant material to be used for a variety of industrial uses including bio-plastic and industrial applications.

Alternative Composting Solutions For Food Waste

Post-Consumer Food Waste can be dried and used as a safe organic fertilizer or biofuel material.    Food waste that is stabilized by the GTF process has no remaining odor and can cut transportation cost by 90%.

The GTF technology provides for an urban solution for food waste composting and addressing local and state organic landfill restrictions.

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